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A Short Story

By. Charles D’Amico

Now when she comes home, her best friend is always waiting. Marilyn remembers the days she would come home to an empty place, but now she has Sarge. A rescue from the local shelter, part Rottweiler and a mix of crazy. It’s safe to say Sarge isn’t pure bread, but that’s what makes him so special. He has different colored eyes and a nub of a tail that tries to propel him to the clouds when he hears her car’s door close.

It’s been a long road back since the days that she…

A Short Story

Saturday Morning

To their parents, the attic in the garage was a place to store the Christmas tree. But to Crewe and Carly, it was an adventure. To them, it the place their imagination could run wild. When they wanted to take their ship out to sea, they climbed the ladder onto the ship, batten down the hatches and raised the sails. Off to the Island of Unfinished Things, a place their father would tell them about.

For those of you unaware of the Island of unfinished things, let me inform you. As you grow up, all the things you…

AmOn the rare occasion I slow down to enjoy the sun.

Disclaimer: I write and do a quick audit as I’m typing, but this space is about the thought and the content. I will try and ensure the editors and word nerds out there (whom I love) don’t get too upset at me along the way.

If you’ve Googled Charles D’Amico, I should let you know that I am not a high school in New York. I’m also not an older man who killed someone in NY.

Charles D'Amico

Founder of Blue Handle Publishing, Book Puma Editing, an Author, A Sandwich maker, a Father, a husband and occasionally tired!

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